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Civil Engineering: Test Videos

ODTU Bridge Earthquake Test

"Yaptığımız bu deprem-köprü sarsma testi dünyada ikinci kez bizim tarafımızdan yapılmaktadır."

Doç. Dr. Alp CANER

Civil Engineering annual structure test

Students from the New Zealand Diploma of Engineering testing their balsa wood structures. Students are given a small quantity of balsa wood to construct open trusses that they have designed. The structures can be up to 4 meters long and are tested to destruction with weights suspending from their mid-point. It is a high point and visual part of this particular course.

In The Materials Lab, Destructive Testing - Network Rail Engineering Education

Staff from Sheffield Hallam University's Materials Department demonstrate and explain various types of destructive materials testing, used on a range of materials. Tests include tensile, impact, hardness and compression.

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