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Online Learning

Dams and Earthquake Safety / Barajlar ve Deprem Güvenliği (16/09/2013)

Landslides and Early Warning System / Heyelanlar ve Erken Uyarı Sistemleri (22/02/2016)

Civil Engineer

Uğur Ersoy Seminar at TED University - "Thoughts on Civil Engineering Practice"

CE Courses: Microstation Lectures

MIT OpenCourseware: Engineering Dynamics

Soil Mechanics Laboratory Tests: Hydrometer

This video is prepared in 2011 by Middle East Technical University Civil Engineering Department undergraduate students Makbule Ilgac, Gizem Can, and Ezgi Eroglu as part of undergraduate assistantship project with Prof. Kemal Onder Cetin.

METU Civil Engineering Department Bridge Shake Test

A 12 meters long steel beam-concrete slab has been shaken under six different earthquakes and harmonic loadings. Tests are done with and without a car on top of the bridge. The six different harmonic motions applied to the system to identify the resonant frequencies of the bridge. It has been observed that the 1 ton vehicle has reduced the seismic response by 20% for the 20 tons of superstructure. Bearings have been used to isolate the superstructure from the substructure.

Foundation Engineering - An introduction to drilling and sampling in geotechnical practice

4D Simulations - Civil Engineering Projects

Webinar Civil Engineering in Scia Engineer

Basic Roadway Design in Civil 3D

3D Animation of the construction of a Multi Story Building

Construction stages of precast wall

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