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Civil Engineering: Eurocodes & Design Codes

Design Codes

EN Eurocodes for civil engineering work

Eurocode 9 - EN 1999
Design of aluminium structures using Eurocode 9 - Eurocode 9 that permits the safe and reliable design of civil engineering.

Eurocode 8 - En 1998
Eurocode 8: Design provisions for earthquake resistance of structures - structural analysis methods and models.

Eurocode 7 - EN 1997
Eurocode 7, the geotechnical design code for the 21st century. Spread foundations, Pile foundations, gravity retaining structures to Eurocode 7.

Eurocode 6 - EN 1996
Principles of designing modern buildings of plane or reinforced masonry. Design of masonry walls under axial and shear loads using Eurocode 6.

Eurocode 5 - EN 1995
EN1995 Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures. Eurocode 5 applies to the design of buildings and civil engineering works.

Eurocode 4 - EN 1994
Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures. Overview of the Eurocode 4 structure and its contents.

Eurocode 3 - EN 1993
Eurocode 3 is the new standard for design of steel structures.

Eurocode 2 - EN 1992
How to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2.

Eurocode 1 - EN 1991
EN1991 Eurocode 1 provides comprehensive information on all actions that should normally be considered in the design of buildings and civil engineering works.

Eurocode 0 - EN 1993
Eurocode 0, Basis of structural design provides a logical design approach for the three main classes of serviceability control.

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