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Communication and Information Technologies: Training

Help at the METU Library

If you need help using the METU Library, please ask a member of staff, phone or email us with your question. Useful information such as opening times and details of the library's location can be found on the METU Library website.

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For subject-related enquiries, please contact librarians.

Orientation & User Training

Trainings for ODTÜ students are provided to student groups at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level in order to ensure effective usage of the library resources and services. Trainings are prepared in accordance with the recommendations of lecturers and librarians. A satisfaction questionnaire is applied at the end of each training.

Trainings for ODTÜ academic staff and librarians are usually planned by database providers. The purpose of these trainings is to enable academics to use the databases effectively and ensure librarians using the databases effectively for user trainings or answering the questions from users.

Trainings for undergraduate students at Information Management Departments (IMD) of the universities are organized with IMD lecturers to introduce the practices of librarianship to students. These trainings are set both a presentation and orientation.

Please send an e-mail for more information and appointment. 

Guides For Library Users

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