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Psychology: Bibliometrics and Citation Searching

Why do a Cited Reference Search?

Cited Reference searching should be a part of any complete literature search. It is the ability to search the list of references found in journal articles, books, dissertations, websites, etc. It starts with a known item and moves forward in time, probably guiding you through the evolution of a concept in the literature of one or more fields. 

Cited Reference searching is done from these databases: 

Web of Science (WoS)

One of the databases that allows for citation searching is the Web of Science. The three videos on this page show you how to search on the Web of Science (WoS), how to interpret the results and sort results by citation counts and how to conduct a 'cited reference search' for an author or article title to gauge impact.

What is bibliometrics?

Bibliometric research is defined by the OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms as: 

"The statistical analysis of books, articles, or other publications...  to measure the “output” of individuals/research teams, institutions, and countries, to identify national and international networks, and to map the development of new (multi-disciplinary) fields of science and technology."

Bibliometrics is concerned with the analysis of research based on citation counts and patterns. The measures used are also commonly referred to as bibliometrics, or citation metrics. 

Scopus and Web of Science are used for Bibliometric research. 

Cited Reference searching in Web of Science.

How to use bibliometrics