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Statistics: Finding Statistics

Search tip

It takes time to collect and publish statistics, so you may not find statistics available for the previous month or even the previous year!

Searching the library catalogue for statistics

You can find the statistical publications the library holds by searching the catalogue. Choose your keywords and add the word statistics and the state or country you are interested in. For example:
  • cancer statistics Turkey
  • mining statistics Turkey
  • international trade statistics

If you find a relevant item, look at the government or organisations in the author field, or terms in the topics field to use in new searches.

Searching for statistics on the web

To find statistics on the web, and in databases, search on your topic and the word statistics. For example:

  • automobile sales statistics
  • birth rate statistics
  • diabetes Turkey statistics

Not all the information you find on the Internet is accurate, up-to-date and reliable so you should carefully evaluate any resources from the web.