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Architecture, Planning & Design: Trial Databases

Trial Databases

  Content Title Trial Access Deadline
KRpia Corenology Studies Database 10/11/2023
DBpia Academic e-Resource Database 10/11/2023
Bentham Science Database



Muteferriqa Database


Embase Database 19/12/2023
HSTalks Database 19/10/2023
Military Big Data Database 02/12/2023
Total Materia Database 31/12/2023


Recommend a New Journal/Database

If you wish to suggest a subscription to a new  electronic journal or a database for the Library, please kindly fill out the form. Your requests will be carefully assessed in terms of the Library's annual financial position and the current overall demand for new titles, in addition to the journal's importance for curriculum and research. Subscription recommendations can be made by all METU faculty, staff, and students.

Please click for suggestion form!