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Architecture, Planning & Design: Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture is committed to the study of the natural and artificial systems primarily comprising cities, buildings and industrial products.The Faculty and its curricula are organized around two basic disciplines of design and planning. Problems ranging from the creation of industrial products and architecture to landscapes and settlement systems are covered in lectures, field work and studios, where the aim is to bring together knowledge, methodology, theory and high levels of professional skills within the framework of projects.



The Department of Architecture was founded in 1956 as the first department of METU with the primary mission of training design and planning professionals to address urbanism, housing and construction  problems, among others, on a regional level. Currently, it offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with the aim to equip students with the requisite global and local knowledge and critical understanding in order to promote leadership in professional and academic practices of architecture at national and international levels.

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City and Regional Planning

Established in 1961, the Department of City and Regional Planning is one of the oldest and largest schools of planning in Turkey. With more than 2,000 graduates and not less than 400 undergraduate and graduate students today, the Department of City and Regional Planning has played a key role not only in planning education but also in the development of urban research in Turkey.

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Industrial Design

Established in 1979, the department is one of the leading industrial design departments, and attracts students with the most competitive profile in Turkey. The department pursues a design education philosophy stressing the integration of innovative and critical thinking with technical ability and technological awareness.

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Faculty Catalogue

Faculty Catalogue