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Welcome to ODTÜ Library subject guide for Psychology. This guide is created for assisting your researches in this area. 

Please mind that the guide is still work in progress and I strongly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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How to use this guide?

This guide is created for giving you some start points for your research in psychology area.

About Psychology Tab has the general information about Psychology.

Access Books Tab has four sub-tabs including print books, e-books, free e-books and forms. Print books, will help you with catalog search and there is  also a tutorial about it. You can find Library New-arrivals Section, as well. E-books sub-tab includes information about e-book and e-book databases. Free e-books will help you to find free online resources for full text e-books. Forms have various forms for ODTÜ Library services.

Access Journals Tab will help you to find articles via e-journals and online databases. There is also two sub-tabs under here. Under Print Journals, there is a whole list of ODTÜ Library print journals about psychology. Print journals search engine ready to use. E-Journals include links to online databases and e-journals. It is also possible to use METUnique Search.

Access Reference Tab will help you to find reference resources and tools for writing a paper. There are also some print reference materials, as well.

Access Dissertations Tab has a whole list of ODTÜ Thesis in Psychology area. You can also search ProQuest database and retrieve the open-access thesis.

Access Web Sites Tab will inform you which sites are lead in the fields of psychology. There are also links for ODTÜ Psychology Department and the research groups.

Open Access Tab is giving the general idea of open access. There are two sub-tabs explaining benefits of open-access and author rights.

Definition of Psychology

Variously defined as the science of behaviour or the science of mind, psychology emerged as a distinct discipline in the second half of the 19th century, with the work of researchers such as Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920) who founded the first experimental laboratory of psychology in Leipzig. Much of the focus of the discipline has been on identifying the general mechanisms involved in processes such as perceptionlearning, motivation, and memory, although there has been some attention to individual differences, especially in relation to intelligence and personality.

·         Some of the Subfields of  Psychology

·         Clinical psychologists

·         Cognitive and perceptual psychologists

·         Community psychologists

·         Counseling psychologists

·         Developmental psychologists

·         Educational psychologists

·         Engineering psychologists

·         Environmental psychologists

·         Evolutionary psychologists

·         Experimental psychologists

·         Forensic psychologists

·         Health psychologists

·         Industrial/organizational psychologists

·         Neuropsychologists (and behavioral neuropsychologists)

·         Quantitative and measurement psychologists

·         Rehabilitation psychologists

·         School psychologists

·         Social psychologists

References : APA and Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology



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