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Mendeley: NEW!!!

This guide is prepared for Mendeley users to help organize their PDF files, references and academic social network relations.

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LabFolder and Mendeley Integration

Mendeley and labfolder join forces to improve data linking and exchange.

The integration of Mendeley into labfolder’s digital lab notebook links scientific literature to experimental raw data.

Data discontinuity in scientific communication is one of the big problems in science. In scientific publications, details about experiments are very often heavily edited and compressed, so reproducibility and the reutilization of scientific findings becomes a challenge.

The integration of Mendeley into labfolder facilitates this reproducibility by enabling the linking of scientific literature and experimental data.  

  • Labfolder is a documentation and planning tool for laboratory research, enabling scientists to easily plan their experiments, document their data and collaborate with other scientists. With free apps for Android and iOS, labfolder allows scientists to use their smartphones and tablets as digital lab notebooks.
  • Mendeley, which became part of Elsevier last year, is a global research collaboration platform and academic database with desktop, mobile and web applications that help people organize, share and discover research. The Mendeley API powers more than 300 new third-party applications that are making science more social and open.

How To Use LabFolder and Mendeley