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What is the ACM Digital Library?

The ACM Digital Library contains bibliographic information and the full-text of articles published in ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) journals, magazines, and conference proceedings. Tables of contents from journals and magazines are available from issues dated 1954+. Tables of contents from conference proceedings are available since 1970. Tables of contents for ACM Newsletters published since 1985 are provided.


How to use the ACM Digital Library?

If you already have the title of the journal/magazine or conference proceedings, proceed to the search box for each type of material by clicking on it in the right-hand “browse the digital library” category.

If you are not certain of the type of material or the author, use basic "Search: The ACM Digital Library" box on the main page. Check with a librarian if your search is more complex than what the basic search will accomplish.

The 2012 ACM Computing Classification System

General and reference

Document types                            

Cross-computing tools and techniques


Printed circuit boards     

Communication hardware, interfaces and storage

Integrated circuits

Very large scale integration design

Power and energy

Electronic design automation

Hardware validation

Hardware test


Emerging technologies

Computer systems organization


Embedded and cyber-physical systems

Real-time systems          

Dependable and fault-tolerant systems and networks


Network architectures    

Network protocols

Network components

Network algorithms

Network performance evaluation

Network properties

Network services

Network types

Software and its engineering

Software organization and properties

Software notations and tools

Software creation and management

Theory of computation

Models of computation

Formal languages and automata theory

Computational complexity and cryptography


Design and analysis of algorithms

Randomness, geometry and discrete structures

Theory and algorithms for application domains

Semantics and reasoning

Mathematics of computing

Discrete mathematics     

Probability and statistics

Mathematical software

Information theory

Mathematical analysis

Continuous mathematics

Information systems

Data management systems

Information storage systems

Information systems applications

World Wide Web

Information retrieval      

Security and privacy


Formal methods and theory of security

Security services

Intrusion/anomaly detection and malware mitigation

Security in hardware

Systems security

Network security

Database and storage security        

Software and application security

Human and societal aspects of security and privacy

Human-centered computing

Human computer interaction (HCI)

Interaction design

Collaborative and social computing

Ubiquitous and mobile computing



Computing methodologies

Symbolic and algebraic manipulation

Parallel computing methodologies

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Modeling and simulation

Computer graphics

Distributed computing methodologies

Concurrent computing methodologies

Applied computing

Electronic commerce

Enterprise computing

Physical sciences and engineering

Life and medical sciences

Law, social and behavioral sciences

Computer forensics

Arts and humanities

Computers in other domains

Operations research


Document management and text processing

Social and professional topics

Professional topics

Computing / technology policy

User characteristics        

Proper nouns: People, technologies and companies



People in computing



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