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International Relations: ACCESS REFERENCE

Mendeley As a Reference Manager

Free and fully compatible with…

  • Windows Word 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Mac Word 2011
  • LibreOffice
  • BibTeX

Quick and simple installation

Once you download the Mendeley reference manager, you can install the Word Plugin in 3 clicks, then you are ready to create your bibliography.

Citation styles for thousands of journals

Quickly search and select your citation style from a rapidly growing community managed database, or create new styles with the new CSL Editor.

Create bibliographies instantly

Cite seamlessly without leaving Word. Format your citations and bibliography according to your chosen style.

 Flexible formatting

Hanging indents, the use of “Ibid.”, author disambiguation. Mendeley looks after the details of creating a bibliography so you can focus on writing.

Collaborate on bibliographies

Share bibliographies with your colleagues through a private group. Any member can add or edit any cited references.


Passport GMID provides miscellaneous type of e-statistics and e-reports about economics, industries, countries and consumers.

Britannica Academic Edition


One of the world's biggest and most trusted reference publishers into a single cross-searchable resource! Oxford Reference Online provides 224 reference titles and over 1.4 million entries.

Search Oxford Reference Online

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