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AIP Publishing COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)
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Akademik Sunum 01.09.2020
Ankos Coronavirüs COVID-19 Free Content  
Asos Index 01.09.2020
ASTM Standarts COVID-19  
Atatürk Kültür, Dil ve Tarih Yüksek Kurumu Dijital Yayın Platformu 31.12.2020
Brill Publishing Covid-19  
CARNAP - Search Engine for COVID-19 Open Access Articles  
Coursera 31.09.2020
COVID-19 Turkey Web Portal – Tübitak  
DBpia 31.08.2020
Elsevier Coronavirus Research Hub  
Elsevier COVID-19 Resource Center  
Elsevier Engineering Resources for the COVID-19  
Elsevier Textbooks 31.08.2020
Gale Ebooks: Coronavirus & Global Pandemics Collection  
Gale Health and Wellness – Coronavirus  
Gale in Context: Global Issues – Pandemic Preparedness  
Gale in Context Science – Viruses  

Global Health
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Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment E-Books  
IEEE Covid-19 31.12.2020
Inspec & Inspec Analytics 30.11.2020
IOP Coronavirus (COVID-19)  
JSTOR 19th Century British Pamphlets 31.12.2020
JSTOR E-Books 
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JSTOR Global Plants 31.12.2020
JSTOR Lives of Literature 31.12.2020
JSTOR Public Health Journals 31.12.2020
JSTOR Security Studies 31.12.2020
JSTOR Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa 31.12.2020
JSTOR World Heritage Sites: Africa 31.12.2020
KRpia Korean Database 31.08.2020
Micromedex - Drugdex 04.09.2020
Oxford Public International Law 31.08.2020
Oxford University Press COVID 19  
OUP - Epigeum: Online Learning Support  
PressResader COVID-19  
ProQuest COVID-19 Research Database 31.08.2020
ProQuest Publicly Available Content  
SAGE Coronavirus (COVID-19)  
SAGE Online Learning Support  
Springer Nature SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Resources  
Taylor and Francis COVID-19  
The Lancet  
Thieme Coronavirus (COVID-19)  
Wiley COVID-19 Coronavirus Content  
Wiley COVID-19:: Online Teaching Resources  


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